One of the many startup pitches at SaaStr Annual 2019

Two weeks ago, I found myself with a ticket to SaaStr Annual, so I roamed the sponsor area, listening to pitches from SaaS startups large and small.

Conference booths are a great place to gauge how deeply a company’s pitch (a.k.a. strategic narrative) has permeated its ranks because they’re usually…

Photo by Kristen Sturdivant via Unsplash

The most Japanese of Japanese proverbs, to my mind, is “Three years, even on a rock” (石の上にも三年). The literal meaning is that even a stone is worth sitting on for a long time because it will eventually heat up. In other words, persistence begets rewards.

A little over three years…

Drift CEO David Cancel (left) and VP of Marketing Dave Gerhardt

Embarrassing, but true: I know more about the daily lives, hopes and dreams of some employees at Drift—the Boston-based sales and marketing software company that’s raised over $107 million in VC cash—than those of some of my closest family members.

Of course, I’ve barely spent time with anyone at Drift

Andy Raskin

Helping leaders tell strategic stories. Ex @skype @mashery @timeinc

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